Monday, February 16, 2009

Lindsay Duncan Plays Politics

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Playing Politics

British actress Lindsay Duncan will be playing Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming movie "Margaret" on BBC Two.

In an interview with "The Daily Telegraph," Duncan admitted that she hated the former Prime Minister.

The BBC has been accused of an anti-Conservative casting, so Duncan's casting has added fuel to that fire.

Duncan insists that the piece isn't a "hatchet job" and that her personal views didn't influence her portrayal of Thatcher.

The movie is supposed to show Thatcher's vulnerability in the last days of her administration.

Of course, any actress must put herself into the character and put her personal feelings aside.

Sadly, Gina Wilhelm Actress doesn't get BBC Two, so I won't get to see how well she does at it.

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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