Saturday, March 14, 2009

Julianna Margulies Can't Count on This Emmy

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Julianna Margulies Can't Count on This Emmy

In her first season on "ER," Julianna Margulies received a best supporting actress Emmy.

Although she (and, at some point during the season, all other actors from the first season of the show) was in this week's episode, she won't be eligible for a guest star Emmy.

The rules for the Emmys state that guest stars must be credited as such. Margulies (as well as Noah Wylie, George Clooney, and Eriq LaSalle) were credited along with the rest of the cast regulars.

By contrast, Susan Sarandon was credited as making a "special appearance," while Ernest Borgnine was listed as a "special guest star."

Margulies is the only series regular ever to have won a performance Emmy, though the series itself has won a number of awards.

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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