Monday, September 21, 2009

Kristin Chenoweth Wins Emmy

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Kristin Chenoweth Wins Emmy

The 61st annual Emmys were held this Sunday. There were several repeat winners as well as many first-time winners.

One first-time winner was Kristin Chenoweth, who got the award for supporting actress in a comedy for the now-cancelled "Pushing Daisies."

Chenoweth said, "They remembered a show that got canceled that I've never been more proud to be on. I'd much rather be on that than something that lasts a long time that I don't care about."

Other winning actresses included Toni Collette for best actress in a comedy, Glenn Close for best actress in a drama, and Jessica Lange for her work on "Grey Gardens."

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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