Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Producers are Coming!

Gina Wilhelm Actress - The Producers are Coming!

Seattle Musical Theatre's production of "The Producers" opens Friday, September 18th, at Seattle's Magnuson Park. The play runs through October 4th.

We show Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm. We also have a 7:30 performance on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 206-363-2809. You can also visit the SMT website. Tickets range from $30-35 for adults and $25-30 for students and seniors.

The address for Magnuson Park is 7400 Sand Point Way NE. The theater is in building 47. Directions and maps are also on the SMT website.

The website also has a "study guide" for the play.

"The Producers" is Mel Brooks's musical based on his 1968 movie of the same name starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

The Broadway play starred Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and won a record-breaking 12 Tony awards.

It is being suggested that audience members be age 17 and up. As Max says of the play-within-the-play, it's "certain to offend peoples of all races, creeds, and religions."

Of course, what he neglected to add is that it's absolutely hilarious.

I play various characters, including a "First Nighter," the follies girl with the bratwurst costume, and Lick Me-Bite Me (one of the little old ladies).

I'm particularly excited, as I really love the 1968 movie and the Broadway production, and I actually get to be a dancer in this play. It's a lot of fun.

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