Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Erica Rhodes Barney Idol

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Erica Rhodes Barney Idol

Tonight everyone's excited about the performance of Erica Rhodes on "American Idol."

Rhodes has been acting and singing and dancing since she was a small child. She was on "Barney & Friends," where she was "innocent" and "sweet."

The 23-year-old showed a different side of herself at the Texas auditions. She came dressed in full dominatrix gear, complete with a leather miniskirt, platform stiletto heels, and a whip.

She also sang a, well, stirring rendition of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind." It was very different than her work on "Barney." See for yourself!

The audition-and the outfit-worked. She impressed all the judges, but especially Simon. Rhodes is headed to Hollywood and the next round of "American Idol."

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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