Monday, January 25, 2010

Miki Howard

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Miki Howard

Miki Howard was on Mo'Nique's talk show Monday. Howard is a singer and actress who was discovered in 1977 at age 15 after she sang at a teen pageant.

Augie Johnson, a member of Side Effect, was in the audience at that pageant, and started working with Howard after that. Howard joined Side Effect in addition to singing backup for a number of other singers.

She then moved on to a successful and lengthy solo career. Her most recent album was released in 2006. Take a listen!

In 1992 she moved on to acting, appearing as Billie Holliday in "Malcolm X."

She's about to appear in the new movie "April's Fools," which will open this April. What a fascinating and exciting career she's having!

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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