Friday, December 26, 2008

A One-Woman Andrew Lloyd Webber Play

Gina Wilhelm Actress

Arizona Onstage Productions is known for doing musicals that aren't "mainstream."

Andrew Lloyd Webber's shows are generally associated with being very mainstream. They also tend to have casts of thousands. Or at least tens.

Both of these ideas will be challenged when AOP stages "Tell Me On A Sunday," opening next week.

The founder of the company and director of the show, Kevin Johnson, says to his surprise, he fell in love with the show.

Then he had to sell it to Kriste' Belt, the actress who carries the one-woman show by herself.

Like Johnson, she tended to scoff at anything written by Webber, but she's been surprised to find out how much heart the show has and how well the songs actually propel the storyline.

Johnson says that Belt is exactly the right actress for the daunting task of carrying the 85-minute play alone.

Additionally, her imagination is such that even when the only person on the stage, Belt is never actually acting alone.

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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