Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Williams Gets Into Character

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Michelle Williams Gets Into Character

Michelle Williams plays a forlorn woman in a Pacific Northwest town who's lost her dog in "Wendy and Lucy," imbuing her with sorrow.

She worked with Kelly Reichardt, the film's writer and director, and hopes and plans to work with her again.

To find the character, she started by reading the source material for the movie, "Train Choir," by Jon Raymond.

Reichardt, the director told her to watch Mike Leigh's "Bleak Moments" and Max Ophuls' "The Reckless Moment." She also gave Williams photos taken in Oregon and a picture of Verna Bloom.

Williams also watched work by video artist Sadie Benning and the film "Mouchette." She listened to Elliott Smith, Will Oldham, and Rachel's.

After that, though, much of her character work came from her own experiences.

Williams found the work with Reichardt healing. It gave her a sense of family that she hopes to continue in their next project together.

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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