Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monique Gaffney on Theatre Dynasties

Gina Wilhelm Actress - Monique Gaffney on Theatre Dynasties

Monique Gaffney is no stranger to acting. Her father is Floyd Gaffney, a theater professor at UC San Diego and "the father of black theater in San Diego."

Floyd didn't want his daughter to get into acting. When she took his theater class, he gave her a B plus. Not an awful grade, but not an auspicious start, either.

It wasn't until both father and daughter received Patte awards that she found out she had his blessing.

Floyd received a lifetime achievement award. During his speech, he said he didn't want Monique to get into theater, but then he said "I saw her onstage and I just knew."

Monique hasn't found a way to make a full-time living acting in San Diego, but in spite of that, she still believes that "art is life."

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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