Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG Award Winners Announced

Gina Wilhelm Actress - SAG Award Winners Announced

The Screen Actors Guild awards were announced January 25th, and some very familiar faces were again recognized for their outstanding work.

Meryl Streep received an Actor award for her leading performance in "Doubt." Followers of this blog will remember that Streep has already achieved an Oscar milestone, having received a record 15 nominations.

Her SAG win could portend well for an Oscar.

However, the same could hold true for Kate Winslet, who already won Golden Globes for both lead actress and supporting actress and won a SAG award this weekend for her supporting performance in "The Reader."

The twist here is that her Golden Globe for "The Reader" was for supporting actress. Her lead actress award was for "Revolutionary Road."

For the Academy Awards, she received only a lead actress nomination (not one in each category), and that was for her "supporting" role in "The Reader."

When the Oscars are handed out, the actresses will be competing in the same category.

Gina Wilhelm Actress

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